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GM Memorial Space Glass & K-Series - FAQ

1.How long does it take to make an order?
Upon receiving ashes, it takes about 2-3 months to complete an order.


2.How much ash or hair do we have to provide?
Ash:We need 1/3 tea spoon of ashes.
Hair:We need a coin-size amount of hair
Any unused material will be returned with the completed order.


3.Will the color of hair or ashes affect the final color of memorial glass?
All material will be turned into ash before adding into the glass,so the natural color of material does not matter.


4. Do I have to pay for the silver chain/ macrame necklace?
No, you do not.We have already include everything inside the listed price。


5.How can I ensure the products received contains ashes that provided by me?
We will do video record when adding ash into our raw material. Yet, we are not able to provide a video record of the whole making process because of business confidentiality.


6.Is there any chance that the ashes being mixed up with the others’?
No, it is not possible. We have label everything once we receive your material, and also label the same code on every keepsake we make。
We treat every keepsake order individually and orderly.


7.Is there any limitation on customer region?
Our office is located in Hong Kong, however you can also place your order online and send the material by post. For post rate, please contact us for quote.